Insert & Door Drop Bulk Dispersal

We have Never missed an Insertion!

We appreciate that the industry tends to work on a "just in time" basis and deadlines seem to get ever tighter. Hardings provides a specialist service to insert and door drop advertisers by managing and fulfilling their campaign delivery schedules.

Client and Project Management

All our staff from, Directors and Managers to Account Handlers and Drivers, are committed to making every job a pain-free experience for our clients.

Each client has a specifically assigned team member to manage their individual requirements. This individual will lead the entire process from start to finish, keeping clients involved and informed at every stage of the job.

The entire team is on hand at all times to provide advice and guidance to ensure that every project or campaign runs as smoothly as possible. All our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year (more in leap years).

Many of the Hardings team that started delivering inserts over 10 years ago are still involved today. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this specialist industry sector.

No Hidden Extras

All projects and campaigns are contracted on a cost effective unit cost (pence) per thousand basis. Added value comes as standard. No hidden extras - guaranteed!

360-degree communication cycle

When deadlines are tight it is important to ensure that knowledge and information is shared with all parties. Our management systems and operational processes are designed to help our team keep the information loop fully connected at all times.

Tailor Made Service

Every customer has bespoke and individual requirements. Hardings will always match and tailor our service to suit each client. We do not force advertisers to fit into a restrictive "one size fits all" operation.

Print Schedule Management

Our account handlers work alongside client and agency teams with the latest version of each media/campaign schedule. We match the right code & creative treatment with the appropriate title.

All deliveries are pre-checked by us in our holding warehouse before final dispatch to ensure that the right insert is going into the right title at the right time.

Source Code Packaging and Label Verification

An essential part of our pre-delivery health check service is to confirm that packaging and labelling meet the respective media owner's criteria. This gives clients advance warning of any potential problems so that they can be ironed out prior to final delivery. This avoids the risks of rejection and extra charges from the media owner.

We ensure that key information is clearly visible and communicated by adding our own documentation to every job. Industry feedback tells us that Hardings' presentation is favoured by insertion plants and approved by Royal.

Regular and Controlled Printer Collections

Hardings are responsible for getting inserts from printer to insertion plant on spec and on time. One of the ways we ensure this is to collect printed matter as and when it is ready so that we can control and coordinate final delivery from our own site in Leicester.

This frees up printers to concentrate on production while we take away the hassle of final delivery. It also gives advertisers and their agencies the confidence and comfort of knowing that their delivery obligations will be totally fulfilled.

Quantity Corroboration

Trading Standards approved and industry proven verification systems.

Pre-arranged Final Deliveries

All deliveries to insertion plants or handover points are arranged and confirmed by our account handlers. The Key contact at each delivery point will always be told exactly what, when, where and how each insertion will be delivered.


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